Who is Jen and why was the support group set up?


Jennie Akers died in 2009 to cervical cancer leaving behind three young children, Taya (6 months), George (2) and Ella (5).

'After the death of my sister Jen things were tough for all of us; while we tried to deal with our own loss we were left to manage the kids heartbreak and the reality that we couldn't do anything to bring their mum back. As adults we were offered bundles of support but little advice or help was found for the kids and what services we did find were either too far away or not the direct support we needed. Where do you turn?

Luckily we did eventually find the support we were after but our experience is testament to how little support there is for bereaved children in the area. A big thank you to CAPS and everyone who has supported the family through the very hard and early stages of our grief.'

Jemma Aker's - Jen's Sister

Jen's family set up Jen's Special Place in 2014 aiming to provide better access to the help, advice and support that children and their families need in such dark days.